Electricity market within the European Union

Within the European Union, the so-called Integrated Single Electricity Market  (ISEM) is in force. As per 2019, Romania will join. This means that generated electricity in a Member State can be freely traded throughout the European Union. To this end, the electricity market has undergone a change in recent years to make this possible in practice. The ISEM therefore comes with a package of measures which ensure that the free market can be realized. Cleavage of physical electricity and its trading is regulated, the physical consumption of electricity and its trading have been disconnected. This ensures that the trade does not have to worry about the availability of electricity.

  • Injection into the European electricity grid
  • No transport costs involved
  • Free trade of electricity
  • No local risks for availability of electricity (pan-European network)

This is a live visualization showing where electricity and CO2 is produced and finally used

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