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4 European entrepreneurs experienced in renewables and financing, 3 nationalities, residing in 3 different countries


Gauthier Van Weddingen

Nationality: Belgian
Resident: Belgium
CEO NERO Renewables N.V.


Ard de Poot

Nationality: Dutch
Resident: Germany
CTO NERO Renewables N.V.

Suppliers / technical information:


Markus Vrieling

Nationality: Dutch
Resident: Romania
Chairman advisory board Stichting NERO JP


David Allan

Nationality: UK & Belgian
Resident: Belgium
Advisory board member Stichting NERO JP

Gerrit van Werven

Energy transition needs both local and international solutions. The Nero project provides both: international cooperation in an European context with involvement of Dutch and Romanian parties. This project will contribute to innovation and business in the Netherlands as well as investment and prosperity in Romania

Gerrit van Werven, directeur Energy Valley – Groningen (NL) Tweet

The potential of the NERO project is high. It has the size of an offshore wind project, but is much cheaper to realize. Project development is challenging and requires extensive expertise. BLIX helped NERO to structure the project by creating a development plan, a financial model and an Information Memorandum. Subsequently, BLIX has been mandated to search for co-investors in the project and is in charge of executing the tender for the wind turbines. NERO is a great team to work for, and we are proud to be their consultant

Albert van der Hem, directeur BLIX Consultancy – Utrecht (NL) Tweet


BLIX Consultancy B.V.

Daily support to the NERO team in many aspects, from strategic advisor to project management support

Ernst & Young Romania

Financial & tax advice, accounting and legal audit of Romanian SPCs

Iordache & Partners

Legal audits construction permits & land lease agreements, general legal consultancy Romania

Tractebel Engineering

Grid connection, high voltage lines and substation design, grid capacity calculations

Solid Winds

Annual energy production, yield calculations

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