3TWh injected in the European grid thanks to ISEM,
extractable in any of the Member States


237 wind turbines


± 3.000 gigawatt hour


± 1.000 megawatt


South-East Romania

The Project

NERO Renewables plans to install 237 wind turbines at 3 different sites in South-East Romania, with a total capacity of approximately 1.000 megawatt, generating up to 3 terawatt hour per annum.

The project is directly connected to the high voltage grid and, as a result of the Integrated Single Electricity Market (starting mid 2018), the generated power can be bought by any company in any European country.

By means of a social fund, our project strongly contributes to the prosperity of the local inhabitants. Nuisance is limited to a minimum in these sparsely populated areas.

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Latest News

20 juni 2018

Supply chain sustainability and blade recycling will accelerate sector action towards the SDGs

On May 23, WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson participated in a plenary session at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit, organized by CSR Europe. As part of the European Business Summit, the event gathered over 300 people, including business representatives, National Partner Organizations, NGOs, EU stakeholders and policy makers. Dickson’s…

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Energy Agency Predicts High Prices in Future

The world can expect energy prices to continue their generally upward spiral in the years ahead if global energy policies remain the same, the International Energy Agency (IEA) reported this week. Rapid economic development in China and India, coupled with relatively consistent energy use in industrialized nations, will likely strain the…

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15 juni 2018

Ireland faces annual EU energy fines of €600m

Ireland faces fines of €600m a year from the EU for failing to meet renewable energy targets and cutting carbon emissions by 2020. New, more ambitious targets for 2030 do not let Ireland off the hook for the 2020 measures, it has emerged. A report for the Dáil Public…

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11 december 2017

Six European wind turbine manufacturers participate in the 1 gigawatt tender of NERO Renewables N.V.

Groningen, December 11 th – NERO Renewables N.V. recently submitted its ‘Invitation To Tender’ to European wind turbine manufacturers. Six of them decided to participate in this expansive tender which involves about 360 wind turbines, spread over three locations in the Muntenia and Dobrogea regions in Romania. NERO aims to…

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